The Chronological History of the
Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club*

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In April of 1975 a steering committee spearheaded by Marilyn Boston was formed to pursue the establishment of a cross country ski club on the Miramichi. In October of that year an executive committee was formed consisting of Marilyn Boston as president, Diane White vice president, Bill Purtell as treasurer, John Boston, Jaunita Purtell, Dianne Kethro, Jan Truka and Mike Cashin as committee members and the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club was born.

The original aim of the ski club was to provide outdoor recreation through cross country skiing for people of all ages. This continues to be the club's purpose.

During the early years the club had no trail system or clubhouse and skiing consisted of weekend tours to various locations around the Miramichi. Meetings were held in members' homes. From 1976 to 1979 the club used a building located on the rifle range property in Nordin as their clubhouse. A network of trails was developed in the Nordin area that would serve the club for several years.

In 1979 the club obtained a building from the Woodlands division of Boise Cascade Canada Ltd, which still serves as the clubhouse today. The clubhouse was first located on the Newcastle side of the French Fort Cove area, and remained there until 1982, When it was moved to Douglastown. In Douglastown a new network of trails were developed and the club grew each year until membership exceeded 400.

In 1986, after severe forest fires destroyed the trees surrounding 80% of the trail system, the club started to look again for a new home. In October of 1991 the clubhouse was moved to Nelson and the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club was amalgamated with the Nelson Ski Club. The Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club continues to operate in Nelson.

During its thirty-four year history the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club has hosted many skiing events at both the local and Provincial levels. From 1978 to 1985 the club co-hosted the North 100 Ski Marathon with the Bathurst Ski Club. This was a two day ski event where skiers would ski from Douglastown to Bathurst. The North 100 was one of only three two-day ski marathons in the country. The 160 km Canadian Ski Marathon from Quebec to Ottawa is now the only two-day ski marathon in Canada. Since 1986 the ski club has hosted a one-day "loppet" known until 2007 as the Miramichi Loppet.

In 2008 the official name of the club's loppet was changed to the Miramichi Ray Thibodeau Loppet in memory of long time avid and accomplished skier and club builder,Mr. Ray Thibodeau.

The Miramichi Loppet, in its 28th year of operation is one of a number of loppets which make up the Provincial Loppet Circuit. The Miramichi Loppet is a mass participation event and is open to all skiers regardless of age or ability.

In 1984 the Miramichi Cross Country Ski club hosted the Provincial Fraser Cup Ski Championships. The Fraser Cup Championship is the final leg of the Fraser Cup Provincial race circuit in the Province.

The Folk History of the MCCSC

Please submit your stories or yarns. The 38 year history of the club has produces some great stories, many of which can be heard around the club house's wood stove any time. This very much part of the warm environment members and guests at the club enjoy. Stories from; the North 100, trail maintenance work parties, loppets and races and every day skiing: stories from light night grooming sessions during a blizzard. You may include your name or submit your story anonymously. Please submit to gadd1313@nb.sympatico.ca




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