There are essentilly two types of classic skis, waxless and those requiring wax. This sentence should read, ... those that dont require kick wax and those that do. All skis should receive attention regarding base wax and glide wax.
Waxing of skis can be as simple and easy as you like. Club members are always willing to give friendly advice, lend a hand and even lend a wax. Most often a minute or two of applying wax and the ski is ready to go. Generally, the more a person skis, the fussier they tend to get about wax, and the more fine tuning they tend to do. Waxing clinics are held from time to time depending on club member interest. Skate skis have only glide wax and their preparation can be complex when the ski is new but fairly easy to maintain after that. Waxing frames are available in the club house, as well as a waxing iron.

  Yves St. Germain, a waxing technician for competitive skiers, brushes a pair of skate skis. Son Denis looks on.
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